Ponza is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, with beaches, jagged cliffs and crystal clear water, which attracts visitors from all over the world.
Of volcanic origin, the island has an area of 7.5 square kilometers. It is hilly, extending from Punta La Guardia to Punta Incenso. It is filled with Mediterranean vegetation of agaves, prickly pears and wild broom.



The Pearl of the Mediterranean, and one of the few places in the world that can boast a pristine environment and untouched natural beauty. It is the largest satellite island of Ponza, 7 nautical miles away.


The most northerly of the Pontine Islands, it is a solitary place that enjoys a unique flora and fauna. Starting 1979, Zannone is part of the "Natural Park of Circeo".


Located on the border between the 2 Italian Regions of Lazio and Campania, it measures 3 square km. Has been inhabited by ancient Greeks and Romans. Still visible are several ruins of Roman villas, aqueducts, the ancient port and fish ponds molded from the volcanic tuff rock tuff.  It is a marine park, perfect for lovers of snorkeling and diving. The Patron's celebration is on September 20, Festa di S. Candida .


The smallest of the Pontine Island it measures just 500 sqm. It is now uninhabited, but used to be the site of a prison built by the Bourbon Kings in 1794 and functioning up to 1965. It is now a totally touristic destination.