Top notch experience
Your day charter in Ponza. Every day from 9.30 to 18.30 the best way to discover the secret corners and the most beautiful bays and caves of Ponza and Palmarola.
Exclusive Service

Aboard L’Orca only 12/14 guests. Our 5mt tender, snorkeling gear and two S.u.p. at your leisure. Lunch cooked on the spot by our Captain and served at the table.

Luxurious but Casual

Exclusive day rental or a day-ticket per person: two different formulas to enjoy our 5 star service, attentive chic and casual. A choice more than an option.


In perfect harmony with our territory: we only use local and organic products in our kitchen. Our crew will be more than pleased to tell you about Flora and Fauna of the Islands.

From the kitchen
  • Buffalo DOP Mozzarella from Mondragone
  • Pasta with the catch of the day
  • Organic salad/veggies/tomatoes from Ponza
  • Organic seasonal fruit from Ponza
  • Organic DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil